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    Unfortunately when we entered it must have seemed to our daughter (Who loves butterflies normally) that all the butterflies in the world were heading straight at her strapped in her buggy and when one landed on her…well that was it, fearful for the rest of the visit, although it’s supposed to be good luck when a butterfly lands on you.

    It’s a smallish, humid building built in the traditional Thai style with 1000’s of butterflies, beautiful flowers and plants and birds. You can spend just as much time looking at the plants as the butterflies. You will be informed that some of the plants are for aesthetic reasons whilst others are for the butterflies to feed.  The times we have been the visits haven't lasted for more than 1.5 hours, 2 hours at a push but if you like photography and have no children with you, you could mark this down as a day trip. As well as being able to walk around the whole inside there is a viewing platform.

    When we were there, there was no café inside although from our photos  you can see that perhaps there is one now. Even outside on the day we went the food van was closed.

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