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    This is a real local hang out, the place to go for a BBQ party.  The woodland has brick BBQ pits with benches. Ideal for if you want a BBQ but where you are staying won’t allow it.  Be warned though to arrive early during summer period and especially at the weekends. For map click here
    G.P.S location: 36.513728,-4.897671

    There are plenty of beaches to choose from and you don’t have to do the expensive, lying on sun bed and ordering drinks and snacks from the chiringuito. All it takes is a little planning ahead. The beach towels you will already have brought with you from home, there are plenty of sun umbrellas and drink coolers on offer in Corte Ingles or the Chinese shops. The cost of buying these items probably tally up to less than one day spent by a chiringuito.

    Or at any time of day, although in the summer it is too hot during the day. The Spanish are known for their family time and their strolls. Many of the beaches have long promenades (Estepona, San Pedro & Marbella) with either playgrounds or exercise equipment for use. You will also find cafes so you can sit and enjoy a caña (Small beer) or café solo (Depending on the place the measure is between an espresso and double espresso) The centre of towns are also great for the window shopping whilst walking and tend to have little rides for the children to use – Can end up costly!

    LA CONCHA, MARBELLA - Fancy a challenge on holiday with a view at the end that totally makes it worthwhile? Then why not spend the day or even half the day up La Concha. On the easiest trail you can use a pushchair, although it does depend on the sturdiness of your pushchair. For map click here
    GPS location: 36.56504736031786,-4.891190528869629
    SIERRA BERMEJA - The lesser publicised mountain range by Estepona, but also a rarity as there are few ranges that reach the height of 1.449m so close to the sea (10km) You can drive all the way up or park a bit down and walk. There are picnic benches and BBQ pits. This walk isn’t as buggy friendly as La Concha.  For map click here
    GPS location: 36.43623372038292,-5.1477813720703125

    Another great day out in the outdoors. It’s located close to the beach and next door to Selwo Marina. Whether for a fun day out or a stroll in the early evening, this seems the place to be. There’s a children’s play area, a fenced off lake, walkways and plenty of animals for the children to see (Some are caged and others like the birds and rabbits roam free) You can bring a picnic or there are cafes to choose from. For map click here
    GPS location: 36.594659,-4.528213

    Regardless of where you are staying this summer, close by there is bound to be a small public playground. Every town seems to have at least one. For map click here

    Behind Nueva Andalucía you have this fabulous natural beauty spot for a day out. There is plenty of parking and space for your own BBQs. For the children there is a little un-gated play area and plenty of space to run around. The lake isn’t roped off so you would definitely have to keep an eye on the children. It makes for a great day out, doing not much at all except enjoying time with family and friends.  For map click here
    GPS location: 36.520899621330145,-4.966726899147034

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