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    The Lobo Park (Wolf Park) is located in Antequera and is one of a kind. It is not like a zoo where people walk around all sides of a small enclosure containing the animals. The enclosures are huge with no human contact (apart from Daniel) There are certain viewpoints within the wolf park for each enclosure which allow visitors to view the wolves should the wolves wish to expose themselves, thus allowing them to behave pretty much as they would in the wild.
    You are able to go for guided tours during the day and see the puppy enclosure and go horse riding (this costs extra). Friday and Saturday nights are “Howl Nights” in the Lobo Park (Check for availability) - this is when we visited. It's from 7.30 to mid-night. A charge of 28 Euros per person (2008 price) allows you to see the petting enclosure, a BBQ (Which isn’t always outside depending on the weather) and a guided night tour. Drinks are not included.
    We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the Lobo Park. The food was good (maybe check what is served for children) but we were a bit disappointed that we had to eat inside, however it was quite windy that night. We were lucky we had the owner, Daniel, taking our tour. To hear him speak passionately about the aim of the Lobo park, what it has achieved and about the wolves themselves was informative and fascinating, especially as he was speaking from inside the enclosures.
    If you have the time to visit the Lobo Park in Antequera we would definitely recommend it. As well as being a Fun holiday trip it is informative and a real eye opener for those who appreciate all animals. For those wanting to attend the Howl Night, we would suggest arranging accommodation for one night as the drive back from the Lobo Park, one and half hours to Marbella, in the early hours is tiring. There are plenty of other things to see in Antequera apart from the Wolf Park. Feel free to contact us to get some ideas.

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